chisiamo media chisiamo staff cert media clienti Study, innovation, customisation, research and development - these are cardinal points of production seeking superior quality standards.
We believe that market always rewards a company as result of its behavior. TCT stands at the highest business levels with production of superior value capable of anticipating the future and the needs of clients. Prefabricated cabin comprises a base and chambers where equipment electrical supplied by the company or the clien it is installed.
The design stage of the prefabricated electrical cabin takes into account dimensions of the electrical equipment and any technical specifications directly requested by the client. Our prefabricated product, declared series product and authorized by Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici, qualified and approved by ENEL, is an enbloc with a self-supporting monolithic structure without joints between the walls or between the walls and the base; the roof is secured to the walls by "halfen" fixing systems at the 4 corners. Thermal insulation ensured by the use of expanded clay reduces the effects of cold wall phenomena (formation of condensation). Hot galvanized IPE 100 beams are set into the CE certified foundations of the box at the most stressed points of the base plate.
This prevents any settling over time that may compromise the product durability. During the concrete casting stage, apertures are made to allow insertion of the aeration grilles and the doors (in sheet metal and/or fibre-glass), as well as holes in the floor for the passage of cables, thereby allowing production of a broad range of models.