TCT is leader in studing and manufacturing of engineering solutions for prefabricated transformer booths. Strong know-how built thanks to more than 30 years of experience ensures that the  company is especially renowned for the impressive reliability of its products.
The company has a modern and effective organization for each department to reach hight standard and distinctive capabilities. Hand in hand with costumer to define solutions, focus on production process, inventories, administration department, logistic unit and Research&Development division. Every department is managed independently in order to improve the sense of responsibility among employees and collaborators. Engineering of prefabricated transformer booths is entrusted to highly specialized personnel, dedicated to structural and electrical design of products compliance with national requirments and EU standards.
TCT is pride of 50 technicians and specialised workers involved from preparation of the concrete to the construction of the steel armature through to installation of the cabin and its electrical equipment, everything is geared towards achieving the very best standards in terms of product safety and quality.
TCT has a dedicated workshop where Quality Control tests are performed on test samples in concrete.
Specific tests every day certify the slump and mechanical resistance of the concrete; dielectric rigidità tests are also performed.
Currently TCT is operating in Italy, Romania, Morocco, South Africa and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.