Research & Development

The company counts aso in the R&D departiment aiming to define new technologies and innovation in the enrgy and envirounment fields.
Research & develpoment area is made of  engineers with competences in thermodynamics, chemistry, physics and and automation & controll. 
The R&D area cooperate with the University of Salento, University of Rome for EU and national research projects in both solar power and the environment technology.
TCT srl has deeply investigated in the nanotechnology and characterization of the nano-fluid in terms of thermodynamic properties and heat transfer efficiency improvement.
TCT developed a system for nano-particles generation cooperating in a national research project so called “SOLAR” that is focused to introduce the use of the nano-particles in thermodynamic solar power plant to increase the efficiency in electrical power generation.
TCT is active member of the National District of Energy” – DITNE -